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This is a website about exploring physics, in order to explore the substancial world I provide this english volumn so that friends who like phylics as me can show their view points and provide a place to communicate with each other.



chenshouyuan      source file  2004.2.15

ABSTRACT: We research gravitational waves in ideas of electromagnetic waves. Moving object creates a new U-field, the change of motion creates inducing new field, it is called induction gravity.

2、Induction Gravity From Temporal Variations in Gravity Field During Total Solar Eclipse
chenshouyuan     source file   2004.2.15

ABSTRACT: The temporal variation in the gravity field during total eclipse of 1997 March 9 occurs with the onset of the solar eclipse and the departure. The principle of temporal variation in gravity field maybe similar to Faraday’s electromagnet induction, the change of motion induces force field.

3、Universal Resistance
chenshouyuan      source file   2004.2.15

4、The Unified Force-Energy-Mass Theory of CPH  
Hossein Javadi source file  2004.2.22

5、Quantum of Work    Hossein Javadi◇    source file  2004.2.23

CPH Produces Bosons : By according CPH Theory and Planck Length I will define a quantum of gravity force that calls CPH. There is a fundamental force and it is CPH, only. And CPH does produce Electricity force and Nuclear force

6When form invariance and contents invariance can't be obtained at the same time,
which we should choose:the innate character of the electrodynamics relativity
principle is to uses "contents variance" maintain the "the form of the laws invariance"

Tu Runsheng ◇     2004.2.23    source file

The reason with result inside of the causality that take place already ,both are objective actuality,and can't take place materiality variety because of the observer changes moving state.The acknowledgement "the mathematics form of the electrodynamics laws have nothing to do with the moving state of the observer" must …………

7、Matter evolutes from material spacetime    Marktin   source file  2004.3.28

Confronting the mysterious and complexed cosmos. Humanity has exhausted themselves for so many centuries already. While till today, who among us are audacious enough to declare without hesitation that we have mastered the cosmos already! Although so many excellent theory systems have been established by us already …… Relativity, Quantum theory, … The Big Bang ……. Have we finished our work already? No, not yet, and here is another one-------“Matter evolutes from material spacetime”, which is obviously different from them for the essential and distinctive attribution of starting-point and way to study. Meanwhile, which is true on earth? ------- At any rate, the verity of nature can only be unique. So now, I ask you to be the judger.

8、On Four-dimensional Times    Shu run zhang  2004.12.18

Content abstract: This paper Proofs time is four dimensions from the foundations of theory, the foundations of experiment and the popular explanation of four dimension times 。This paper explains time can be flowed backwards in microcosm, reverses the conception of only one-dimensional time. The theory of intuition relativity let us personally see time - space spin and special theory of relativity are correct.

10、Measure the space curved in the space of the earth . Shu run zhang 2006.1.1

Abstract: If is material and space - time divide into two thing and unitary research space-time, Now space - time is 4 dimensions, It is 4 dimensions that general person is highly impossible to think of time. Because of the existence of material, Decide to have space – time. Energy has 4 kinds of forms to exist,decide time is 4 dimensions。Classical the theory of relativity think that material existence is decided the nature of space – time. This paper think space - time is material exist form. Space-time and material is a thing that cannot cut apart. This paper expound: Measure the space curved in the space of the earth, Proof the theory of relativity is correct. This paper exposition non-Mach space-time outlook. Measure the space curved in the space of the earth.

11、Correction to the error the theory of Special Relativity Mihaijiang  Songpeiji  2006-6-28

[Summary] Special Relativity conclusion has two point: 1, in the system time speed and spatial size, changes along with the relative velocity change; 2, between two system relative velocity are pare relative.

His first conclusion is right; but the second conclusion is wrong.

    The practice proves, the space and time changes along with the speed change, but; in the high velocity system the time slows down, the space change in a big way ; in the low speed system the time changes quickly , the space changes slightly, this is absolute.

    Create this wrong reason is: Einstein when mathematics inferential reasoning, pooled melted the relative velocity

12、(IV-ii)Common Engine and Flying Saucer Engine    Marktin/杨国胜   2006-8-30

Special noun and item: Flying saucer engine, PNT activation mechanism, Milk hitchhike-able speed,non-milk hitchhike-able speed, self-propelled engine, almsgiving-style engine, PNT activation source material, low-intensity train flying saucer engine, flying saucer engine generator( volitional PNT generator), PNT activated current.

[Preface]: My general intention to write this section is to refurbish the conventional rational sense on “engine” and “kinetic energy” of people, and trying to activate and exploit the active exploration eyeshot of people.

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