1、The moving earth and propagation of light       2000.5.26
Author:Liu Youwei◇   

Who can manage to explain the result of this experiment? For it does not concide with what the basic principles of the theory of relaitvity discribed.

2、The Big Bang----Common practice of black hole theory in nature(2)
Author:◇ xia ting◇     2000.9.22

This article holographicly discusses the innate consistency between biolo
gical evolution and universal evolution. Furthermore, it illustrates the possibility for life longevity of an individual and the way the individual gets energy.

3、The Big Bang--Common practice of black hole theory in nature  
Author:◇ xia ting
manuscript      2000.9.22

4、“Is space-time curved?”            2000.10.7

Whether the space-time is curved or not? The experimental criterion to judge this point are: (1) The experimental results of red shift, deflective angle of light and perihelion shift of planet in essence are favorable to the gravitational ......

5、“GP-B experiment will prove that space-time is flat”            2000.10.7

Can we obtain the predictive value of GP-B experiment from the well known experimental results? This predictive value is more reliable then that deduced from special model of theory. In this paper, we calculate in this way. The result is ......

6、“Error in the Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory of Quantum Mechanics”            2000.10.7

In this paper we prove the following: (1) In the discrete case the time-dependent perturbation theory is incorrectly derived in the interval..........

7、The Meaning of Four-dimensional Time     2002.2.16
Author:Shu Run Zhang source file

Content abstract: Four-dimensional time has published 20 years. Now I have to state my thesis again, time have four-dimension。 This paper uses the most basic physical phenomenon to proof the existence of ..............  

8、Judging Special Theory of Relativity by Using Reality Criterion for Easy Universally Accepted 2002.5.14
Author:Tu Runsheng 

[Abstract]There are "difficulty of rule contraction " and the "time difficulty" that cann't be explaind into "fail patadox" in special theory of relativity (STR).The reality principle is "objective reality at the same place...........

9、A Moving Magnet can’t Drive the Magnetic Field        
Author: Yang shi-jia   2003.7.12 source file

[Abstract] according to the author’s The Formula ammcdtmf-01.gif (1137 字节) is Untenable to Michelson’s Experiment, we predict easily that when a limitless length of straight conductor AB is moving straight along the direction ................

10、Query Einstein’s Explanation of Two Experimental Results     
Author:Yang shi-jia   2003.7.12 source file

[Abstract] A moving magnet can’t drive the magnetic field .Einstein had explanted the phenomenon of the single pole induction, which evades and covers up the physical essence of the matter whether or not the magnetic force .................

11、Restore the Hypothesis “Ether” to Explain the Two Different Types of Dual Property of Wave and Particle from Different Resources   
Author:Yang shi-jia   2003.7.12    source file

[Abstract] Both light and the particle possess the dual property of wave and particle ,and this article states the essential differences of the dual property of wave and particle betweet light and the particle of material .And , through ................

12、Restore the Hypothesis “Ether” to Establish a Model of the Magnetic Field   

Author:Yang shi-jia   2003.7.12     source file

[Abstract] After a deeply, long and repeated study, the author considers “ether” must exist in the universe. And this article based on the theory “ether” restored, and it makes a further step on supposing that “ether” is ............

13、The Formulatfiutme-01.gif (1751 字节)is Untenable to Michelson’s Experiment     2003.7.12
Author: Yang shi-jia     

[Abstract] The experiment of Michelson—Morley’s, which is considered one of the few important experiments in physical history , is called the decisive experiment ,according which to judge whether “ether wind ”exists or not ...............

14、Analysis and Criticism to Lorentz’s Transform     2003.7.19   source file
Author: Xia Xingguang

[Abstract:]This article pointed out emphatically that the formula for Lorentz’s  transform is not the final result due to the neglecting of prerequisite for exis ting of the formula itself。What is left finally is the ............

15、GENERALIZED SPACE-TIME RELATIVITY AND APPLICATION             2003.7.19   source file
Author: Xia Xingguang

[Abstract:]    First, according to academic result of generalized space-time relativity, get the relevant formula of mass-energy. And then, use this formula to set up the calculate formula for the quiescent mass of photon, and give an ............

16、Generalized space-time relativity                  2003.7.19    source file
Author: Xia Xingguang

[Abstract:] This paper puts forward the “contact action principle” firstly. According to this principle and the finite speed of light, briefly describes the logic falsehood and conceptive errors in Einstein’s theory, and the basal ............

17、Summary of Generalized Space-Time Relativity----Explore about Einstein’s Relativity       2003.7.19  source file
Author: Xia Xingguang

[Abstract:]This article briefly describes the logic and conceptive errors in Einstein’s relativity and the basic viewpoints of the Generalized Space-Time Relativity. And points out that Generalized Space-Time Relativity is a new space-time...................


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