Correction to the error the theory of Special Relativity

Mihaijiang     Songpeiji
(Geology institute Hekou oil plant, Dongying Shandong prevince,Zcode 257200)

[Summary] Special Relativity conclusion has two point: 1, in the system time speed and spatial size, changes along with the relative velocity change; 2, between two system relative velocity are pare relative.

    His first conclusion is right; but the second conclusion is wrong.

    The practice proves, the space and time changes along with the speed change, but; in the high velocity system the time slows down, the space change in a big way ; in the low speed system the time changes quickly , the space changes slightly, this is absolute.

    Create this wrong reason is: Einstein when mathematics inferential reasoning, pooled melted the relative velocity

[Essential character] Special Relativity, Einstein, Lorentz transfomation, ware-particle duality of light

    Einstein infered the Special Relativity. He has two point : 1, In the system time speed and spatial size, changes along with the relation velocity change; 2, Two system physical properties are equate, that one has not belonged superiorly. Therefore between two system relations are pure relative.

    More then 100 years practice proves, his first conclusion is right, but the second conclusion is wrong.

    The u-granule fall the Earth from the universe between by the high velocity, the high velocity u-granules life increased mare then four times, but on the Earth the static u-granule life does not have the increase. The airship circles the Earth by high velocity flies, on airship time slowed dawn, but on the relatively static Earth’s time did have change.

    This indicates: 1, In the system time speed and spatial size, changes along with the relation velocity change; 2, it changes the rule is: in the high velocity system the time slows down, the space changes in a big way; in the low speed or the static system time changes quickly, the space changes slightly,

    His question leaves in there?

    Einstein in infers when Lorentz transformation uses two premises: 1, the light speed is inrariable; 2, the physics law all inertia system inside is all same. Four formulas, this is it essence:

    From result which directly infers:

    cttett001.gif (3547 字节)        (2)

    Result infers which from the reverse side :

    cttett002.gif (5403 字节)

Among :cttett003.gif (1486 字节),U is the speed which in the relatively static system surveys, under by the u expression the speed which surveys for another system.

    If U=u, above four types are correct ; if U is not equal to u, or, speed u simply does not exist, above four types need to alter to :

    From result which directly infers:

    cttett004.gif (5802 字节)

    Result infers which from the reverse side :

    cttett005.gif (5779 字节)

    Can U be equal to u ? whether u dose exist ? has a look U and the u relation :

    First said from one arithmetic topic :

    The frontage inferential reasoning result is : A = a / U, in the turn the inferential reasoning inevitably is a = A*U(May understand is on Earth’s person looks in the rocket the time slowed down ;on the rocket person looks on the Earth the time changed quickly.). If some people said : A = a / U, a = A / U (May imagine is : On Earth’s person looks in the rocket the time was slow ; on the rocket person looks on Earth the time was also slow.). always is does not have the flavor.But ; some perple said : U and u in two system, two different spaces may be relative, since is the relative velocity, U inevitably is equal to u, therefore both A =a / U, a = A / U, there upen he said : On Earth’s person looks in the rocket the time was slow ; on the rocket person looks on Earth the time was also slow. This speed is right.

    Again cites the example : one long shape plank, two each are the A place, one pivot (R) in its center point. This pivot both belongs to A, and belongs to a, is equal the pivot to two distans, the plank side two get up on the movement. This is pure relative, side two all have same, all has with that reference system may.If this privot R is, in the A system surveys a speed, then this R only can put on a under, then, the result is : one side is low, is absolute, is not relative.

    .The Einstein mistake is : Defined two coordinates system with mathematics altered to two ,or the many not related spaces, between two space also had one public survey area, thus, between two system speeds both belong to A, and belong to B, he said : “The A system looks, B system basis relative U in movement,but looks from the B system, A system basis relative velocity U in movement , ” With the correct physical relations, should say :“The B system looks, the B system rests on speed U which the A system measures, in A system movement. ”

    Looks from physics, the entire universe is unified.

    The automobile on the Earth the movoment, the automobile position and speed, all surveys on the Earth.the earth includes the automobile. ;The heart hides in peason’s chest covity beats,.its beats must carry on the survey in the person. Can say in no way :the Earth to the pilot movement, the pilot hides the movement to the heart.pure relative is not right. As for the airplane and eagle’s relative velocity,needs to beal together, in them, on the Earth surveys. The Earth is the relatively static system.

    Also, u = -U, this call Galilei the transformation,is the Einstein opposition, he said : in the A system surveys in the B system time and the distance all changes,surveyed the A system from the B system the time and the space also all changes.

    Actully, u is unable to survey,also is not possible to equal to U.

    One grasshopper crawls on the turntable, it said the room and furniture is rotating, the tray is static, stops rotating it cannot fling. But the person, he may turn the consciousness the wisdom, he knows, once stop the movement, on turntable all metropolises is flung. The consciousness is the psychology, the wisdom only then is correct.

    Explains one question with the example:

    From the field survey in train one motionless cup, may use Einstein the conversion method, obtain: U = u’, Looks from the field, in train motionless cup speed, is equal to surveys in field the relative velocity in the movement con not say, field in train movement. In turn, in the field one motionless tree, is unable on the train to survey, if calculate with the formula, may obtain U = u, But; this also can not explain the field in the train the movement, 1, tree’s speed is calculates with U obtains, is the use the formula ( 1 ) ( 2 ). 2, this result is on the train person’s thought result, its significance is: proved train speed U which surveyed by the field in movement. 3, surveys the train speed from the field, may in the ground, from one expire another, dose not need the light the involvement; but; one tree which surveys in the field from the train, must through shadow, shadow be creates by light, light influence, not only has the angle and distance influence, but also has the light the invariable influence. Therefore, u with calculates u’ is the speed which two kinds different indignantly reads. Concrete say: formula ( 3 ) ( 4 ) needs u is dose not exist, with shadow computation u’ is not the relative velocity which the formula ( 3 ) ( 4 ) needs.
Explains with one simple example : How the time and dose the space become may change ?how changes ?

    On Earth’s peason look’s on Earth the speed of light is 30 mysiameter, on Earth the peason look the rocket the speed is 15 myriameter, Then, ON THER Earth the peason looks in the rocket the speed of light is : 15+30=45 myriamenter. But ;the experiment proves, on the rocket light was intersive still is 30 myriamenter.

    If,the C = speed of light, U = rocket speed, the formula turn :15 + 30 = 30.this is the contradition.

    This contradition, Einstein is like this solves : He first sets up such formula :

                U + 30 / second = 30 / second,

    He equality front second ( on Earth’s time.) alters to T, he equality behind time (on rocket time. ) alters to t, he makes : t = 2T.

    Like this :15 + 15 = 30. This succeeded

    Theory of Speciai Relativity produced, the speed different two systems, its internat time was different, the high velocity time slowed down ; the low speed time changes quickly.
here,regardless of is in mathematics, in physics, all dose not have the pure relative principle

    Hints with this law infer the Lorentz formula.cttett006.gif (2454 字节)

    Its significance is: In Earth’s T time, the viewer sees in the rocket the light migration distance, is equal to on the Earth the light migration distant, subtracts the distant which the rocket moves. (Why uses the square, please reads the appendix.)

    Does the simple substitution with previous type:cttett007.gif (2768 字节)

    This is the normul sentiment resultant.

    Denied Einstein is pare relatively, definitely in the space all speeds all was absolute. Therefore, the Theory of Special Relativity need to alter to the space and time transformation absolute theory.

    For 100 year, the correct Lorenz formula is refers it formula ( 1 ) ( 2 ), because of this for 100 year, the major experiment is carries on the Earth., should be effective. But; result ( 3 ) ( 4 ) promotes which his formula; all mistakenly. ( 5 ) ( 6 ) replaces the formula with the formula ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ,may enable these to have the dispute, like the twin son error and so on, all did not have . but correct, completely retains. This is not coincidence. this is the science.

    I in the appendix, with the light two kind of nature, infer the Lorenz formula, after looks may understand more physics significance.

    The correct inferential reasoning method is divided two parts: 1, Two system viewer observes the change ( energy.)change; 2, The light granule position geometry relations, creates between the different viewer observes the change. (Light two kind of nature.)

    The light frequency is :profile is vertical which with the light speed direction; but the light granule position geometry is consistent with the advance direction.

    First infers the first part.

    Looks under the chart .

    cttett008.gif (11196 字节)

    Has a look in the chart lift-hand side.

    The K system is opposite by speed U to the k system movement, when the K system surveys in the k system, the light does toward above or vibrates toward under, a,b,c turn triangle ABC.

    And its is high L,L,UT, composition relation type:

           cttett009.gif (2338 字节)

    Because the light speed is invariable, T = 2L / C ;

    Because D = d(Vibrates scope toward above or toward under is invariable ) But: t =2d/C

    Substitution:cttett010.gif (3526 字节)

    obtain:  cttett011.gif (2784 字节)

    obtain:  cttett012.gif (2116 字节)

    Again infer obtains:cttett013.gif (2184 字节)

    In above chart right-hand side: the condition and left-hand side is approximately same. In the K system light vibration, sees oneself the light in the K system viewer and this system together movement (U is in this system survey) ,, therefore:

    T = 0.5× l /C ; a c = UT

    Because is in turn the inference, the viewer decides in the k system,

    Therefore: d = Ct

    Substitution:   cttett014.gif (1936 字节)

    cttett015.gif (2830 字节)

    (Contrast formula (5 ).)

    移项:   cttett016.gif (1939 字节)

    cttett017.gif (3483 字节)

    cttett018.gif (2731 字节)

    Similae principle:cttett019.gif (2332 字节)

    The essential place will say again :

    Left-hand side chart AB = CT, D = C

    Right-hand side chart :If defers the theory of Special Relativity , with u = U, changed the relative velocity in the k system, was : ab = Ct,d = CT。

    According to the correct theory, fixes the relation velocity to the K system.

    ab = CT, d = Ct

    The inferential reasoning formula second part is : Granule geometry relations :

    X = X’+UT

    Substitutes bycttett020.gif (2283 字节) Anain with frequency inferential reasoning formula union :

          cttett021.gif (3476 字节)

    Right-hand in equation numerator, the oreceding item is :the energy ; the latter item is :the granule.

    Inverse operation :

           cttett022.gif (3088 字节)

    Ask the time variation:

    Besides system between frequency change, but also has two item of granules the geometry relations.

    1, Will move the distance will eliminate by the light speed ( X / C ), It was how much light aped this length consumes. ( Time factor.)

    2, Eliminates the speed by the light speed ( U / C ) is two system time substitution proportion.

    3, Multiplication ( X / C ) ( U / C ) two factors, is refers in the K system measures X distance time consumption.

    T ( Granule. )= (U / C)*(X / C)

cttett023.gif (1756 字节) 代入,substitution,and with frequency formula union

    cttett024.gif (3373 字节)

Inverse operation:cttett025.gif (3278 字节)

    Because the geometry relations is the vector,therfore should :

    From result which directly infers:

    cttett027.gif (4474 字节)

    cttett028.gif (4459 字节)

Result infers which from the reverse side :

    cttett029.gif (4315 字节)

    cttett030.gif (4335 字节)

In the formula, a is speed U and X direction included angle.

[Author’s simple introduction]

Mihaijiang,( 1931--) male, the Han Nationality, is born to Shanghai,Geology institute Hekou oil plant senior engineer, in 1952 graduated to the West-north University petroleum specialty. The after graduation, is engaged in the petroleum prospecting, the oil-field development work and so on computer software, in the work many time wins the scientific research prize, in 1992retiod.
Songpeiji, (1960----) male, the Han Nationality, For a long is the Mihaijiang scientific research assistant, in Geology institute Hekou oil plant, is responsible manager which simulates the oil-field development with the value.


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