When form invariance and contents invariance can't be obtained at the same time,

which we should choose:the innate character of the electrodynamics relativity
principle is to uses "contents variance" maintain the "the form of the laws invariance"

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The reason with result inside of the causality that take place already ,both are objective actuality,and can't take place materiality variety because of the observer changes moving state.The acknowledgement "the mathematics form of the electrodynamics laws have nothing to do with the moving state of the observer" must deny "the objectivity of the actual function that the physics laws develops the fact have nothing to do with the moving state of the observer".It is the characteristic of special relativity principle to build form invariance with contents variance. So, the electrodynamics relativity principle is original inevitable out of accordance with experience world, exsit ¡°ruler contraction knotty¡±, ¡°time knotty¡±, ¡°simultaneity knotty¡± and¡°electron-pair knotty¡± is also inevitable.

Keywords:Causality,Relativity principle, Ruler contraction knotty, Time knotty,Simultaneity knotty,Electron-pair knotty,Form invariance,Contents variance.

The contents decision form( the form is a contents to reflect) is an important and objective regulation.The mathematics form of the physics laws is" regard the causality that physics laws construct or purchase as the contents" of objective reflect.The fact expresses, toing guarantee the mathematics form of the electrodynamics laws have nothing to do with the motion state of the observer irrelevantly must thinking establithed causality( namely contents) have somthing to do with the moving state of the observer.Is to say, in theory of relativity, we must with" the contents changes" come to compromise, construction or purchase" form invariance".The relativity of simultaneity can still break directly the covariance of some physicses laws.

1 When the observer changes their motion state,
the established causality to want the changes without the reason

The result produced by the reason using the action of the physics laws is ,in the physics,the causality to include three main factor ( reason, result and the logic contact between reason and result ).In the causality that have taken place, its three main factor all have became objective history( or keep on appearance), can't occurrence variety because of the observer change motion state.The acknowledgement relativity principle first should acknowledgement the mathematics form of physics laws to do not change because the observer changes motion state( namely admit first the form invariance), then make an effort to look for the contents invariance with the form invariance .In classic mechanics, the observer that motion state are different to the result of the same interaction has the united cognition, the contents invaviance is united constantly with the form invariance.For example, the object W accelerates because suffer the dint.Observes in which inertial system regardless, all have the causality that W accelerates because suffer the dint, and all match the F=ma regulation.But electrodynamics to say, the problem that form invariance with contents invariance can not have both at the same time exsit.For example, A is thought that the clock of the B system is slow in the clock of the A system because of motion(the causality 1).However B denies the causality 1.The way of this problem resolved by the supporter of the theory of relativity is an observer to affirm" the observers different motion state to have no the united cognition", then affirm" for electrodynamics, the form is unchangeable, the contents changes".It is what breach the philosophy principle that the form is unchangeable and the contents changes(especially with" the contents changes" compromise, construction or purchase form invariance).So the supporter of the theory of relativity use" the observers of the different moving state have no united cognition" of lift the method cover up the fact that this kind of breach philosophy principle.Have no which experiment can confirm the fact ,directly,of "for the result of electrodynamics interaction, the observers different moving state is absolute to have no united cognition".Too can't for" the form invariance more constantly more important than contents invariance" offer as proof.Like this our conclusion is:The observers different moving state have no united cognition to the electrodynamics interaction, is not fact but is the demand to think and argue purely.The characteristics of the electrodynamics relativity principle is,yielded to the " form invariance" in the way of recognition "the contents change". It is not difficult to discovers, each " form invariance" , inside the theory of relativity ,is from to should of "the contents change" prop up of.

2 Time knotty

    The theoretician in orthodox already generally accepted Twin paradox "have beened solved by the general theory of Relativity".But,the person whom put forward Twin paradox want to know whether relativity principle establish or not, solving the Twin paradox however the person is what way to make use of" does not want to be mutually to observe" solution.Their a little bit common is "can't dissolve to the doubt of the relativity principle because of the Twin paradox definitely put forwarded or resolve".In reality,general theory of relativity can't dissolve Twin paradox ,too.

    The three main factor of rhe causality 1 are:B clock move;The actual function of the electrodynamics laws;B clock is slower than A clock.By inference according to the theory of relativity, even if in the same interval of time,the observer in B system also must deny the result of "B clock is slower than A clock", namely deny the causality 1.The motion state of the observer to be changed only, caused causality 1 from being tenable to is untenable.tjis is causality 1 have something to do with the motion state of the observer.If acknowledge that thought of A and B both are objective, caused a logic self-contradict:The clock A both is slower than clock B and is more quick clock B.TThis is the mistake to be the formed by choseing the form invariance but abdication contents change ,when form invariance and contents invariance can't be obtained at the same time .

    There is a motionless clock( clock a) in A,there ia motionless clock(clock b)in B.Calibrating the time readings of them to zero,when the clocks a and b meets first.At the moment of clock a and clock b separateing,let them move round the movtionless points of clock a and clock b have stay along an openning line gradually respectively with the equal relative speed value.When the a and b meet again,which is larger inside the time readings of clock a and clock b?Be known by theory of relativity, observes in A, clock b ratio clock a many an even move free degree.The three main factor of the causality 2 are:¢ÙThe speed of a is slower than speed of b.¢ÚThe actual function of the electrodynamics laws;¢Û The readings of a is larger than the reading of b.The main factor ¢Û is also a history record that the main factor ¢Ù and ¢Ú have produced result in the time interal between a and b meeting twice.If everything are all relativity, then observeing in B,we must negate the two main factor of ¢Ù and ¢Û ( the function object of the electrodynamics laws also changed),acknowledge "the time reading of a is smaller than b's ".(namely deny the causality 2, caused causality 2 have something to do with the motion state of the observer). Observeing in B,in oder to keeping the form of laws denial main factor ¢Ú , cause the two difficult problem of "to keeps the form beauty of the electrodynamics laws but lose the objectivity of the actual function of electrodynamics laws".

    In the other place,we will do not hestitate ground choice the contents When form beauty and contents beauty can't be obtained at the same time.Only in theory of relativity we must make careless but the resolute choice form brauty.

3 Ruler contraction knotty

    The intrinsic length of a train is 10 metres. It travers at the speed of 0.866c.There is a big pit for 8 metres grow in a front for roadbed.Can train inlay into the pit inside? Observeing in the roadbed,the three main factor of causality 3 are:Train moves;The actual function of the physics law about ruler contraction effect;The train contracts to 5 metres can inlay into the pit.According to the theory of relativity,we know that the observes on a train must completely negative the causality 3,and can get the conclusion of "the train can't inlay into the pit".there are two kinds of contrary result( train both can inlay into the pit inside and can't inlay into the pit inside).this is a logic parodox----ruler contraction knotty.

    Someone thinks that the ruler contraction effect is an apparent[2] and dispeled the ruler contraction knotty.If moving ruler contracting is a physics law,the way of cancellating contradict also is for that keeps the form beauty of `physics laws but must lose the objectivism of the action by physics laws.Because it denied the reliability and objectivism of three elemental of a causality in the ruler contraction effect at the same time.Moreover,if the "ruler contraction effect" coming from Lorentz transformation is apparent,can hardly guarantee the "relativity of simultaneity" that same come from Lorentz transformation is objective, also can use the reliability of the ruler contraction says the relativity of simultaneity is apparent.If the ruler contraction effect is apparent but the effect of clock slowed down is objective, the relativistic velocity transformation don't be meaningful, and threatens "light velocity constant principle".Therefore, to maintain the form invariance of the electrodynamics ruler contraction formula,demand "the contents of contranction is not true" or "the contents of the contraction changes because of the observer changes motion state".

    The analysis in this section very easily explain that the result of the experiment for muon life can't offer as proof for the relativity principle" together with the analysis in first section.The result for the atom clocks facing around the world sailing experiment have the tendency of which deny relativity principle in electrodynamics.

4 Simultaneity Knotty

    There is a luminescence flat panel longly very much in A system, there is a seesaw of a high and intelligent degree in B system.The eesaw is parallel with the luminescence.The A system moves in the direction that is parallel with seesaw.Let the each luminescence point on the flat panel in A sysrem produce once flash at the same time.Most raies are normal to the seesaw (or the luminescence flat panel) and have big momentum.

    Observing in A system,the suffering light presses on the both sides of the seesaw fulcrum are simultaneously and equality.The one end of the seesaw can't raise.Obsering in B system,if we think the simultaneity is relative,the suffering light presses on the both sides of the seesaw fulcrum are equality but are not simultaneously.The seesaw will flickered.The three main factors of causality 4 are:the suffering light presses on the both sides of the seesaw fulcrum are equality but are not simultaneously;the actual function of the mechanics laws;The seesaw will flickered.

    If the true circumstance is the seesaw flickered, then this seesaw flickered also can be observed by the observers in A system.The observers in A system denies the reason factor in the three main factor of causality 4,and must think that the seesaw have flickered to have no causally.( namely there is "the result for no reason")If the seesaw to do not flicker is true circumstance,so,looked by the observers in B,there are the circumstance that a non-zero turn moment can't cause to turn.when the seesaw is pressed by once parallel light,the circumstance that the seesaw both flicker and do not flicker can't take place.So, the relativity of simultaneity impossible is objective.Otherwis,the factual causality 4 also must have something to do with the motion state of the observer.

image001.gif (16123 ×Ö½Ú)

In Fig.2, A, B, C, M are four fixed points in the system 1¡£Among them the M is the middle point,the D¡äpoint is the axis centre of a metals wheel in system 2,a bare wire circles the wheel many times,the A, B, C, M, and D¡äare linked by the bare wire.When the system 2 carries the wheel faces the left and even moving,the wheel must turn as pulled by the bare were connected on the point C in system 1.The wired contact among the five points of D ¡ä, A, B, C, M can't break off because there is relative motion between the D¡äand point C.In the system 1,Let the points A and B send out the electricity pulse signals that the initial phase are different at the same time( record for events 1 and events 2 separately).Because the propagation velocity of the electricity pulse signal in the wire (vilocity relative to the wire) is constant,therefore, observeing in the system 1,the pulse signals of events 1 and events 2 can arrive at the point M at the same tim,then can arrive at point C at the same time,then produce electricity pulse interference.As long as the two electricities pulse signals of events 1 and events 2 can arrive at point C at the same time,and have produced interference,they can arrive at point D¡äat the same time by the way of the form interfered with mutually certainly.The causality that they interfere at point M beacuse of the electricities pulse signals at the two points of A and B at the same time ( record for causality 5) can were been generally accepted by the obaervers in the two inertial systems of 1 and 2.In other words, the objective exsits of causality 5 have nothing to do with the motion state of the observer,the "simultaneity" of the events 1 and 2 is absolute.If the flash lights at the two points of A and B are turned on becose of to send out an electricity pulse signal from D¡äpoint.( called them events 3 and events 4 espectively)

    Because "send out from the D¡äpoint an electricity pulse signal cause the events 3 and events 4" and "send out from the C point an electricity pulse signal causes the events 3 and events 4" are equivalent completely, therefore, the observers in system 1 and system 2 all admit the events 3 and events 4 are simultaneity.This conclusion is in accordance with above paragraph's completely.

    Above regulating clocks method (brief name "Tu's regulating clocks method") can't get the conclusion of "simultaneity have relativity". It is inconformity with the conclusion that Einstein's regulating clocks method have to out.If the reason to use Einsten's regulating clock method is more sufficient than the reason to use Tu's regulating clock method,we should abandon Tu's regulating clocks method but use Einstein's regulating clocks method.Vice versa.However, fact is, in scientific research and produce practice, people multifariously the usage Tu's regulating clocks method.( or similar method)Only in pure theories illustrate just usage Einstein's regulating clocks method morely.The Einstein's regulating clocks method has got the beautiful outward appearance but in function aspect had no absolute advantage.only but reject the other reulating clock method.

    Einstein's regulating clocks method although have beautiful formality symmetry, it's "simultaneity"
is made sure according to the form view sense of vision, demand the set question "the every apparent all is true" then can use.In Tu's regulating clocks method,The "simultaneity" have been fixed by using the sense of vision excluding of felling.This express again:For pursuing the form beauty must lose the objectivism of the abdication contents.

    There is a balance of double arm in K system.The spread direction of the arm is parallel to x-axis.There is an electromagnet under every steel hanging plate of the balance,the force of the two electromagnets acting on the hanging plates are completely equal. When the electromagnets are not turned on and the balance is equilibrium state,we use a brittle thread to tie the both end of the arm and the midpoint of the balance prop.Then we switch on the two electromagnets at the the same time.Observing in K system,the state of the brittle thread is intact (don't break).But observing in K¡äsystem whose x¡ä-axis is parallel to x-axis and moving along x-axis,based on special relativity,we know that the brittle thread is broken (as the two electromagnets exerting force on the two hanging plates are not simultaneous,the equilibrium of the balance has been broken).The light signal portraying the existing state of the thread emitting from the thread can propagate towards in every directions.It must be received by the observers in all systems in principle.

    If say that the equilibrium of the balance has nothing to do with the motion state of the observer,the observer in K¡äsystem also admits the thread is fine continuously (equilibrium of the balance did not suffer the breakage), so he must admit the factor that the balance hold the balance is not the moment of force of the two arms being equal in size and being opposite in directions,but is the moment of force of the two arm are not equal in sizes,and admit the physical law of "fulcrum two lateral moment of forces are not equal to cause lever revolved" do not establish in a motion system, or we must admit "the relativity of simultaneity is apparent but not is objective".This enunciation:If the contents of the "simultaneity" is relative, to keeps, the form beauty of the classic mechanics laws is also what can not do.

5 The photon decays knotty

    Inside inertial system §³,a rest light source sends out a ¦Ã-quantum than the frequency to be lower than the valve frequency slightly, the photon with a heavy nuclear move in opposite derection mutually.According to
"the frequency is lower than the light son of the valve frequency can't decay for lectronics
accidentally of regulation",the observer in system §³,get the conclusion that photon can't decay into electron-pair accidentally. But the observer in the inertial system §³¡ätied with the heavy nuclear,because of Doppler effect, the frequency of the photon that brush past the the rest heavy nuclear exceeded valve frequency,the photon can decay into an electron-pair accidentally.The same of photon both can decay into electron-pair and can't decay into electron-pair accidentally.It causes the photon decays knotty.

    Let us discuss circumstance that the photon move away from the heavy nuclear again. Observing in the light source,the energy conservation can is satisfied at the same time with the momentum conservation, thr photon whose intrinsic frequency is equal to the valve frequency can decay into electron-pair when it brush past the heavy nuclear.The reality decays events in this example,just is the result that photon decay regulation procuce the actual function, is an objective contents, having nothing to do with observer changing motion state.Observing in the heavy nuclear, appear two difficult circumstance:That the receives frequency of the photon is smaller than the valve frequency, its energy is lower than the total energy of an electron-pair,too, if acknowledgement the photon caned decay into electron-pair shout negate the energy conservation laws having covariance;if deny the photon can decay into an electron-pair,got the paradox of "a high energy photon both can decay and can't decay at the same moment".If we accept theory of relativity,we must admit the content for the fact of a photon decay have something to do with the motion state of an observer.


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