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1、宇宙大爆炸(Big Bang)——黑洞(black hole)理论—在自然界中的常规体现       夏  霆       2000.9.19


2、The Big Bang----Common practice of black hole theory in nature(2) ◇ xia ting◇     2000.9.22

This article holographicly discusses the innate consistency between biolo
gical evolution and universal evolution. Furthermore, it illustrates the possibil
ity for life longevity of an individual and the way the individual gets energy.

3、The Big Bang--Common practice of black hole theory in naturexia ting

  夏  霆   2000.11.7


This paper describes some "heretical beliefs" with the goals of searching for the secrets of immortality of each individual life.Though the beliefs exposed in this paper are heretical compared with the traditional beliefs,the author firmly believes that the life sciences in the 21st century will be dealing with what the paper tries to expose.

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