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对两实验结果爱因斯坦解释的质疑    杨世家   2003.6.28    源文件

[摘要] 运动磁体不能带动磁场。爱因斯坦对单极效应的解释回避和掩盖了磁体转动时它周围的磁力线是否随之转动的物理学实质问题;对环球航行原子钟实验结果的解释没有揭示原子钟变慢的物质作用机理。爱因斯坦的解释不符合他自己创立的相对论—不符合相对性理 ,相对论是自相矛盾的。推测一种新的解释,建议改造这种实验,预言得到新的结论。

恢复“以太”假说,建立磁场模型    杨世家    2003.6.28    源文件

[摘要] 笔者经过多方面长期、反复、认真地思考和研究,认为“以太”在宇宙间必定存在。本文在恢复“以太”理论的基础上,进一步假定“以太”就是存在于宇宙间的由正、负电子构成的晶体状弹性物质,并初步建立一个与现有电磁学完全相符的磁场模型,使电磁学的若干现象、事实、规律得以理论上的彻底解释。

恢复“以太”假说,解释两类根源不同的波粒二象性    杨世家   2003.6.28    源文件

[摘要] 光和物质粒子都具有波粒二象性,本文将通过对两个简单事实的分析比较,阐述光的波粒二象性与物质粒子的波粒二象性之间存在着本质的区别。并用“以太”假说分别解释光的波粒二象性与物质粒子的波粒二象性产生的不同根源,从理论上严格区分两类本质不同的波粒二象性,揭示光的本质是波,物质粒子的本质是粒子。

迈克尔逊实验中公式mkexmlshygshbchl-01.gif (1137 字节)不成立      杨世家    2003.6.28 

[摘要] 迈克尔逊—莫雷实验被称为关于“以太风”存在与否的判决性实验,被认为是物理学史上少有的几个重要实验之一。实验尽管被反复做了多次,但是,大家对实验的计算方法似乎没有认真研究过。笔者对此试验也颇感兴趣,并对实验的计算方法进行了长期、认真地研究,发现原实验的计算方法是错误的: 迈氏实验不能用公式mkexmlshygshbchl-01.gif (1137 字节)计算,必须用公式,mkexmlshygshbchl-02.gif (1242 字节)计算。在迈氏实验中,既便“以太风”存在,按照正确的算法,也有mkexmlshygshbchl-03.gif (1247 字节),干涉条纹也本该不移动,实验当然就观察不到干涉条纹的移动。因此,我们得到结论:迈氏实验不能证明“以太风”不存在。

运动磁体不能带动磁场      杨世家      2003.6.28   源文件

[摘要] 根据笔者的《恢复“以太”假说,建立磁场模型》一文,容易预言:无限长直导体AB沿电流方向作直线运动时,导体的运动不能带动周围的“以太”点阵 ,原来的磁场不随之运动。所以,磁体的运动不能带动磁场。笔者设计了几个实验,建议有条件的读者自做,验证笔者的预言或得到新的结论。

A Moving Magnet can’t Drive the Magnetic Field         Yang shi-jia   2003.7.12 source file

[Abstract] according to the author’s The Formula ammcdtmf-01.gif (1137 字节) is Untenable to Michelson’s Experiment, we predict easily that when a limitless length of straight conductor AB is moving straight along the direction of electric current, the “Ether ” surrounding the conductor AB can’t be driven, so the original magnetic field doesn’t go along with it. Therefore, a moving magnet can’t drive the magnetic field. The author designs some relevant experiment and suggests that a conditional reader do it to verify the author’s prediction or get a new conclusion.

Query Einstein’s Explanation of Two Experimental Results      Yang shi-jia   2003.7.12 source file

[Abstract] A moving magnet can’t drive the magnetic field .Einstein had explanted the phenomenon of the single pole induction, which evades and covers up the physical essence of the matter whether or not the magnetic force lines turn when the magnet turns; Einstein had explanted the experimental result of a atom clock sailing round the earth, which can’t reveal the mechanism of substance action that the atomic clocks become slow. Einstein’s explanation is not in keeping with the theory of relativity that had been set up by oneself -contradict the principle of relatively , the theory of relativity is self –contradictory .Infer a new explanation; suggest reform the experiment; predicate to get a new conclusion

Restore the Hypothesis “Ether” to Explain the Two Different Types of Dual Property of Wave and Particle from Different Resources     Yang shi-jia    2003.7.12    source file

[Abstract] Both light and the particle possess the dual property of wave and particle ,and this article states the essential differences of the dual property of wave and particle betweet light and the particle of material .And , through the analysis and comparison to two facts ,the article separately explains the different origins of the dual property of wave and particle between light and the particle of material using the hypothesis “ether ”,and it strictly distinguishes the two different types of the dual property theoretically, by this way ,it is discovered that the intrinsic quality of light is wave and that of the particle of material is particle .

Restore the Hypothesis “Ether” to Establish a Model of the Magnetic Field    Yang shi-jia   2003.7.12     source file

[Abstract] After a deeply, long and repeated study, the author considers “ether” must exist in the universe. And this article based on the theory “ether” restored, and it makes a further step on supposing that “ether” is a kind of elastic material in a shape of crystal that exists in the universe and is formed of electron and positron .And, it initially establishes a model of magnetic field that corresponds to the existing electromagnetics, so that many of the phenomenon, fact and some of the theories in electromagnetics can be explained thoroughly.

The Formulatfiutme-01.gif (1751 字节)is Untenable to Michelson’s Experiment      Yang shi-jia    2003.7.12  

[Abstract] The experiment of Michelson—Morley’s, which is considered one of the few important experiments in physical history , is called the decisive experiment ,according which to judge whether “ether wind ”exists or not .Though the experiment has been done repeatedly for many times ,it seems that the calculating method of the experiment hasn’t been studied carefully enough . Now ,the experiment interests the author and the method of it has been studied carefully for a long time and here comes a discovery — the original algorithm of the experiment includes something wrong : Michelson’s experiment can’t be calculated to the formulatfiutme-01.gif (1751 字节), but tfiutme-02.gif (2074 字节)should be used . In Michelson’s experiment, even though “ether wind ”exists , as the correct algorithm , tfiutme-03.gif (2298 字节),And of course the interfering stripes don’t move, so that the movement of the interfering stripes can’t be observed in the experiment . So,here comes a conclusion , not existing of the “ether wind ” can’t be testified by Michelson’s experiment.

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