Measure the space curved in the space of the earth .

Author: Shu run zhang

Abstract: If is material and space - time divide into two thing and unitary research space-time, Now space - time is 4 dimensions, It is 4 dimensions that general person is highly impossible to think of time. Because of the existence of material, Decide to have space – time. Energy has 4 kinds of forms to exist,decide time is 4 dimensions。Classical the theory of relativity think that material existence is decided the nature of space – time. This paper think space - time is material exist form. Space-time and material is a thing that cannot cut apart. This paper expound: Measure the space curved in the space of the earth, Proof the theory of relativity is correct. This paper exposition non-Mach space-time outlook. Measure the space curved in the space of the earth.
Keyword: four dimension time, Intuition relativistic, Time-Space angle, super-acceleration, Maxwell's equations of the gravitation field.
The material (energy) exist is inner factor, Space - time yes external factor,
Material( energy) and space - time is a same thing that cannot cut apart.
Universe model: Thanks to the stress of inside role, universe unceasing expansion, every unit material mutual extruding, have no gap, do not have the place of without material. If have gap in the universe, faraway spectrum of star will not have red shift.

PART 1 non-Mach space-time outlook

      Explain with example non-Mach space-time outlook now
     CHAPTER 1    Special theory of relativity

    Research natural world, First research motion of the material。

    A inertia object (m0C2) under the role of applied force, Get kinetic energy (m0V2/2), make speed up motion, this object now has total energy (m0C2+ m0V2/2), it approximate is equal to m0C2/(1- V2/C2)1/2].A object make speed up motion, lead to the energy of field (CP123)
inner total energy(m0C2+ m0V2/2), enlarge external the unit of the time [t=t0/(1- V2/C2)1/2]. Field energy(CP123 ) expression is empty space ( mtscit001.gif (1161 字节) ),it is three-dimensional time。 Artificial satellite is the best experiment tool, it can verify Doppler frequency shift effect and Time expansion and Space - time bend. Rocket promote satellite, satellite gets kinetic energy (m0V2/2), make speed up motion. If satellite vertical ground go up sky, vertical ground is Z direction. Satellite surmount the energy of the gravitation field (CP123) must increase kinetic energy (m0V2/2),(CP123) ,(CP123)direction is satellite motion direction.If satellite sport direction and Z direction become included angle θ,is oblique fly. the energy of the gravitation field (CP123)become (CPZ··· cosθ), if θ=π/2,CP123 = 0, satellite does not increase kinetic energy become uniform speed inertia motion now. The total energy of the satellite has make origin time change t=t0/(1- V2/C2)1/2, three-dimensional time (mtscit003.gif (967 字节)·· cosθ), the inner factor of three-dimensional time

CP1,2,3= m0C2·tgα= m0C2 ·V/C(1- V2/C2)1/2

    Tee-dimensional time is mtscit004.gif (2394 字节), the expansion of 4 dimension times from two term compose:

mtscit006.gif (5258 字节)

    Eq.1 is the time expansion correct value. Eq .1 reciprocal is Doppler frequency shift equation。The spectrum change that satellite sends, is change of the own time of the satellite, it and velocity of light have nothing to do with. The wavelength of light decide the size of unit time.

    The satellite go up sky return, if do not consider the altitude effect, no matter satellite operation orbit is so complex,θ angle from 0 get to π,cosθtotal value is 0. Three-dimensional timemtscit007.gif (1005 字节)do not contribute,have only the expansion of origin timemtscit008.gif (1943 字节)The time is not reversibility, The time of person And the time of the satellite Is synchronous on the satellite the clock and chemical reaction slowed all。The life of a person is the time of own。

    CHAPTER 2 General theory of relativity

    Gravitation field energy of a object around is different, the space- time of each point the expression is also different, Space uses (1-φ), time is expressed with (1+φ) Generalized the theory of relativity call it "metric ",A Point velocity “ metric" is (1-2φ), in which: φ=kM/8πR。, The motion velocity(V)of any object, must accept velocity" metric" restrict on this point, velocity of this point is V·(1-kM/4πR)

     CHAPTER 3 The experiment proof satellite method is correct

1、In Hydrogen's canal ray Pipe, electrode discharge produce hydrogen ion(H2+and
H3), being accelerated and collimation in Strong electric field,)form fast motion Hydrogen's canal ray. Is this kind of fast motion Hydrogen's canal ray as the light source of motion, they project's spectrum line frequency and static's spectrum line frequency compare, can get Doppler frequency shift of spectral line.[1]

mtscit009.gif (33209 字节)

2、Doppler frequency shift effect in move the satellite

    Is temporary do not consider that acceleration move of the satellite, the frequency shift -in the satellite make the uniform sport of straight line are as effect as experiment of Hydrogen's canal ray.

mtscit010.gif (21376 字节)

    Pass through Doppler frequency shift effect of the radio wave that satellite sends,
We can judge completely direction and speed of the satellite flight.
Frequency change wavelength

mtscit011.gif (6395 字节)best understanding.

CHAPTER 4 The satellite acceleration sport- Maxwell's equations of the gravitation field

Have many persons put forward the magnetic field of the gravitation. A does the object that speeds up sport, produce side acceleration:

mtscit012.gif (1876 字节)

in which;g is gravity acceleration,h is vertical gravity acceleration (g) side acceleration.

    mtscit013.gif (2880 字节)

The satellite make acceleration motion in gravitational field,certain has one side acceleration h.

CHAPTER 5 Analysis of the satellite motion orbit

The rocket and the satellite always deflection amount

mtscit015.gif (2119 字节)

in which:∑L is the satellite operation whole journey;L is satellite speed up the route of operation.
in which:

        mtscit016.gif (1574 字节)
              constant is in the theory of relativity
         mtscit017.gif (1801 字节)
              M is the quality of the earth
         mtscit018.gif (1770 字节)
              R is the radius of the earth

mtscit019.gif (23295 字节)

0 is the radius of the earth6. 37·108cm, the longitudinal coordinate is the distance altitude of the face of land the lateral coordinate is:


The satellite make the uniform motion of straight line, do not produce frequency shift. The satellite gets the influence of gravitation site, actually according to the curve in picture motion.
the satellite is the motion of speed change, produce Doppler frequency shift.Pass through Doppler frequency shift effect of the radio wave that satellite sends,completely can draw the satellite move orbit curve. in Fig.4, A of straight line is the satellite made the uniform motion of straight line, curve B is the satellite actual operation orbit curve. Also exist Effect of General theory of relativity on the Satellite make acceleration sport move.

PART 2 Measure the space curved in the space of the earth

1.The theoretical foundation of the experiment.In Fig.5, This paper thinks that fill with material in the mesh. Every the mesh show a material basic unit, the space from infinite much cubic substance composition, from every basic unit composition the elastomer。Einstein think that complanate space - time press by the sun to bend.This paper think that the elastomer at the solar pressure, the elastomer internal stress spreads again, form elasticity the bend. Now theory turn to material mechanics. space fills with material, density is not same, All obey hooke's law in material mechanics, the deformation of space-time is the course of the stress-the strain. The satellite measure every point is space-time the self nature.

mtscit020.jpg (22664 字节)

2 test equipment
    an the generator of radio wave of high frequency
3 test scope
    The around of the earth
4 test method
    Pass through the frequency of radio wave that satellite transmit, measure the satellite direction and the move speed of different point. the satellite make acceleration motion in gravitational field,inevitable have h that vertical g acceleration, make the satellite orbit deflection.

deflection angle:   mtscit022.gif (1977 字节)

In a word, analysis known curved orbit, reach the purpose that projects long-range rocket and satellite more accurately. The satellite orbit bends and light bend through solar surface is same reason.

America's the gravitation detector - B, though the gyroscope maintain high speed spin all along, maintain angle datum, do not change, but can not remove the doubt of the gyroscope's precession,still have the problem of magnetic field of Gravitation. The people for result of measure is still continued argument.. Therefore I according to the theory of 4- dimension times, use frequency shift law measure the space curved in the space of the earth.

Reference material: [1] Special theory of relativity experiment foundation -
                                          Yuan zhong zhang, 68-72 page



汉字题目: 地球周围空间弯曲的测量 张树润