On Four-dimensional Times
Author: Shu run zhang

Content abstract: This paper Proofs time is four dimensions from the foundations of theory, the foundations of experiment and the popular explanation of four dimension times 。This paper explains time can be flowed backwards in microcosm, reverses the conception of only one-dimensional time. The theory of intuition relativity let us personally see time - space spin and special theory of relativity are correct.

Keyword: four dimension time, Intuition relativistic, Time - Space angle, Time-Space's mirror symmetry, super-acceleration, Maxwell's equations of the gravitation field.
Thanks Very much for the teachers can hear my speech of " Four dimension Times ".

(1)    The theoretical foundations of four dimension times

[1]、 Intuition relativity

    I am speaking a physical phenomenon of the refraction of light as everyone knows to you. By the refraction of light, We personally see continuous district of time- space spin, and we personally see the relations of time-space and the material。

ofdt001.gif (38730 字节)

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    In XOY coordinate,OP is constant C,PA is the movement velocity V along the spread direction of light in K 'coordinate relatively K coordinate, αangle is the refraction angle of light,it is also time-space revolving angle.

Fig.1.and Fig.2.show velocity V in function sinα= V/C is the reason that changing the velocity of light.

2、the mechanism of time-Space angle function sinα=V/C

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    In Fig.4, take a square ABCD in the space, if a object that quality is equal (M) exists under the square (ABCD), BC side is been reduced to be EC, square ABCD becomes ladder-shaped AECD. Set up each side of the square ABCD is 1 unit distance。 The wavelength of light had been reduced and changed short, so velocity of light is slow。 BC-EC =Δ

ofdt007.gif (2732 字节)

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ofdt009.gif (1419 字节)

It is the angle that bent through solar surface, 2Δ=1.7"

ofdt010.gif (45259 字节)

ofdt011.gif (5670 字节)

From this we can see the theory of intuition relativity, it has the foundations of the material and mathematics.

Eq.1 is time- space revolving angle.Eq.2 is linear Lorentz transformations of Time- Space Eq.3 is field's Lorentz transformationses.

From above-mentioned, we personally see the theory of relativistic is correct.

[2] the universal existence sex of space-time angle。

We draw a picture now。

ofdt012.gif (37692 字节)

ofdt013.gif (17600 字节)

The material foundation of 4- dimension times is energy. Is also the form that energy decide time is 4- dimensions. Say according to old saying the nature of continuous area of time-space depends on the energy's distribution. One dimension time can not be made of 4 energies.
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Because has the acceleration of vertical gravitation field (h), the orbit of the ware of space flight than using the original orbit that " universal gravitation principle " calculate will occur a small direction change.

Reading mathematical book : Zhang Shurun, On Seven-dimensional Space, (潜科学杂志, 1982).

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